The Stables of Como, South Yarra

The Stables of Como at a Glance

Service 4
Atmosphere 4.5
Coffee 5
Menu 4.5
Food 4.5
Overall 4.5 🥑🥑🥑🥑

It was a beautiful, sunny yet brisk Saturday morning as we arrived at Stables. As we walked up the driveway it kind of felt like we were trespassing on private property but as we arrived in the courtyard that disappeared as we admired the beautiful surroundings.

Whilst waiting for our friends to arrive, we perused the menu. Although not huge, this menu was very reminiscent of a proper New York brunch experience. Featuring boozy brunch essentials of Bloody Mary, mimosa, and Pimms, to name a few, along with non-alcoholic options like milkshakes and juice, an entire page was dedicated to drinks. On the flip side there were small options, a build your own egg option, brunch and lunch dishes.

I was immediately drawn to the slow baked eggs on the menu, and when I saw it go to someone else's table, I was sold. Served with Forrest mushrooms, buttered leeks, brie and pangrattato with the option to add prosciutto, (which I did). Oh the cheese, the melty, gooey, stringy and altogether moreish cheese. The eggs oozed, the mushrooms helped to balance the cheese as they were so earthy and the breadcrumbs on top were perfect. I would eat this again in a heartbeat.

Chris ordered the French toast special served with maple mascarpone, fresh strawberries and of course he added bacon. Although small, this was quite rich and the homemade brioche was amazing, light yet still had density from the soaking of egg. There could have been more mascarpone but the bacon was perfect and he enjoyed the freshness of the strawberries 🍓

Our friends both ordered The Gardeners Breakfast, poached eggs, bacon, avocado, roast tomato and mushrooms on toast (although one omitted the tomatos). This big breaky style was filling and delicious, although one wanted crispier bacon, it was still enjoyable. This dish could easily be the "Old Faithful" as you really can't go wrong with this choice.

The atmosphere was really calm and it felt almost like we were visiting some posh relatives in their beautiful Hamptons Cafe. The service was really friendly and personable with only two small slips getting the wrong drink and one coffee going walk about but otherwise we were very happy with our experience.

The coffee was the perfect kick up the bum I need in the morning to get me started, smooth yet strong and beautifully presented, we couldn't fault their delicious coffee.

We both also ordered a juice and a milkshake. I really felt like a smoothie and ordered the closest thing to it I could find the ticked pink. This sounded great on paper but the only flavour I tasted was not very sweet watermelon. Chris had a vanilla bean milkshake, again gorgeously presented and had that real vanilla flavour rather than just your run of the mill syrup.

We didn't know too much about the place before attending The Stables of Como, but we know after spending a couple of pleasurable hours in this establishment that we will definitely be returning. A really gorgeous restaurant with delicious food and coffee-what more can you want? Drop your plans for Sunday and try this place!!

Until our next adventure in brunch

C, J, K & M


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