Ascot Food Store, Moonee Ponds

Ascot Store, Moonee Ponds at a glance

Service 1.5
Coffee 3
Menu 4.5
Food 3.5
(Atmosphere wasn't judged as we sat outside)

Overall: 3.2 🥑🥑🥑

Please note: we have had many enjoyable and top notch experiences at Ascot Store in the past. We were expecting them to rate at about 4 and above. We put this particular experience down as an anomaly that wouldn't usually occur. Unfortunately we don't rate on past experiences but on the brunch of the here and now, hence the lower score.

Sunday dawned bright and clear after the crazy winters windy weather of Saturday and we thought a visit to an old favourite might be a great idea. Although still really fresh and a little cool, we decided to sit outside to enjoy the beautiful warm sun.

After a bit of a wait we perused their menu. We are quite familiar with their menu but we're delighted to see an update since the last visit. Their menu is very hip, in trend and creative. They have an all day style menu with both brunch, lunch and sweet options.

Having seen it on Facebook recently I decided on the French toast, brioche, berry textures, fresh berries, creme fraiche and pedro xiemenz. There were generous topping with almost not enough French toast. The fairy floss wasn't on the menu but was fluffy and yum. It needed more syrup and more bread but otherwise was delicious!

Chris had been hankering a taste of New York since he’d seen it on their Facebook page, fried chicken and waffles!! AFC- Ascot fried chicken and waffles, spicy chicken wings, buttermilk waffles with maple and blueberry butter and bacon powder. Boy, were these some spicy wings, which to be honest, didn't really seem to go well with the delicious waffles and sweet buttery blueberry butter. It didn't quite live up to the fried chicken and waffles from New York but was still tasty.

If it was just me scoring the coffee I would have given it a zero. I couldn't drink it, it was very bitter and tasted really foul. I was really craving a good coffee and unfortunately was let down. Chris rated his a lot better than mine and we averaged out the score.

This is where we have to face the hard reality of our service throughout our meal. We waited a while just to get a table. We ordered coffees pretty much straight away. And then waited. And waited. Got our food and had finished it. Still waiting for coffees. We pretty much decided to leave if they didn't come. Finally they came with a “sorry for the wait” and mine was undrinkable. I hate complaining to a place when we go anywhere, but I had to say something when I paid. Luckily they took the drinks off which scores them a little better but it wasn't the usual friendly service we were used to at Ascot Store and we walked away pretty disappointed.

As I said at the start of the review, I hope this is an anomaly and not the trend. We've enjoyed countless great meals here and hope to enjoy more.

Happy Friday brunchers and I hope your brunching this weekend is fun and delicious

C & J


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