The Winey Cow, Mornington

At a glance

Coffee: 5πŸ₯‘ Menu: 4πŸ₯‘ Service: 4πŸ₯‘  Atmosphere: 4.5πŸ₯‘ Food: 3.5πŸ₯‘

Score: 4.2πŸ₯‘

Brunch This Weekend headed out of Melbourne this weekend to celebrate the engagement of 2 of our closest friends. 

This gave us a combination of a blank canvas along with many choices of brunch in Mornington alone. This day, a very cold and windy Saturday, I picked the Winey Cow (thanks to a recommendation of a friend)

I could tell this place was a hit as soon as I stepped inside, it was packed! The very friendly waitress greeted me like a local and advised that there would a slight wait or I could sit outside with a blanket (very nice offer but I would have needed more than a blanket).

After a very short wait I got seated, and with one of my favourite questions “would you like a coffee to start?” I was instantly happy with the Winey Cow. 

As soon as my menu was handed to me, my eyes were drawn to the 12 hour slow cooked beef brisket served with a fried egg, onion purΓ©e and a Yorkshire pudding – very apt for the kind of day it was. Although the Brisket wasn’t as tender as I imagined it was still rich and full of taste, the fried egg was cooked perfectly and the pudding was a nice touch. My only other criticism is that it could have been a bit bigger and my personal preference is poached eggs but that’s splitting hairs. 

As I was still a bit peckish, I had my eye on the coffee and walnut muffin – this would be great with my second latte. Moments later my muffin was in front of me. One thing was missing, my second coffee πŸ™ 

Although it would have been a match made in heaven, it’s not the end of the world. 

I cannot wait to head back to The Winey Cow, there’s a lot to try. 

Happy brunching my brunch lads and lasses.

Until next time,



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