Sir Charles, Fitzroy

Sir Charles at a Glance

Service 3.5

Atmosphere 4.5

Coffee 4.5

Menu 4.5

Food 5

Overall 4.4 🥑🥑🥑🥑
Our second visit to this thoroughly modern large Johnstone St eatery, we were looking forward to some good food and coffee with even better company(with our two guest reviewers). A large space filled with murals, greenery and lots of people, this was clearly an excellent Sunday choice for a brunch hang out. 
Once we arrived we waited a while but no one gave us menus and we ended up having to ask for them, which was a disappointing start to our brunch. We then all got our coffees at different times and they seemed to forget one too and we had to ask for it again. 
The coffee was worth the wait though. It was the perfect temperature and so delicious I drank it all in one go!

The menu is quite delightful with an Asian theme, there’s all your usual suspects including 3 styles of benedict (bacon, salmon or vegetarian), eggs on toast with a range of extras and some yummy lunch options to boot. 
We all perused the menu and there were definite standouts. Both Chris and one of our guest reviewers ordered the Sir Charles Benedict with Chris ordering a side of pork belly. Panko crumbed eggs, sriracha hollandaise, bacon and fresh chilli served on roti bread. This is absolutely indulgent, delicious and scrumptious. The right amount of heat, bacon superb, the roti was a great accompaniment with the perfectly cooked eggs that were wonderfully crunchy on the outside. This is the clear winner of Sir Charles’ “Old Faithful”

Our other guest reviewer ordered one of the lunch items, the Pork Burger, pulled pork & mozzraella croquette with pickled apple & fennel, apple cider mayo, BBQ sauce and fresh slaw with bacon and with a side of kimchi fries. This was an absolute mammoth burger-the fries were barely touched as the burger was deliciously huge!

I ordered the Me So Hungry! Miso scrambled eggs, smoked eggplant labneh, crispy shallots, chilli oil, coral paprika tuille on toasted sourdough with a side of BBQ pork. This was another huge meal! The eggs were so flavourful and not too rich, the labneh was incredibly smoky and creamy and the delicate coral tuille was beautiful. I loved the pork but if I ordered this again I would get some veggies instead just to cut through the richness of all the deliciousness on the plate. 

The atmosphere was definitely fun but we wouldn’t rate it as the perfect atmosphere. But not by much! We thoroughly enjoyed our second visit and we know it won’t be our last. There are some delicious items on the menu that we still want to try. If you are planning your weekend already midweek then we definitely suggest you give Sir Charles a try. Until next weekend brunchers! 

C, J, K & A 


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