Captain Grey, Essendon

Captain Grey at a glance
Service 4

Atmosphere 5

Coffee 4.5

Menu 3.5

Food 4.5

Overall 4.3 🥑🥑🥑🥑
Captain Grey has been a regular brunch and coffee spot of ours since it opened last year. It’s common for Chris to walk down there for a coffee early morning on the weekend whilst I’m still catching zzz’s. So it was about time we did a review. 

With its mint walls, modern interior and large outdoor eating area, on an ideal corner locale, it’s rare for this place to be quiet. We cannot fault the atmosphere with the perfect sounds accompanying the delicious coffee as we wait for our food. Music playing, coffee machine sounds and a not-too-loud buzz of conversation. Chris wouldn’t walk here most weekends if the coffee wasn’t good. The perfect kick start to the day. 

Service was professional but could have used a bit of warmth. Big points go to them for offering the second coffee-it’s as if they read Chris’ mind, bringing him a second latte. 
The menu hasn’t really changed since they’ve opened but they do have a good mix of items we love to see. Their “old faithful” hands down is the Dukkha Poached Eggs and Chris’ choice for brunch, with sujuk sausage, haloumi, olives, labne, beetroot hummus and pita bread. Everything works in harmony with the smokiness of the sausage, creaminess of the labne and hummus and the dense yet soft pita bread. You won’t walk away hungry from this one and will definitely feel satisfied. 

I decided I was ravenously hungry and ordered The Captain, which is their take on a big breaky. Eggs your way on sourdough served with bacon, pork & fennel sausage, roasted cherry tomatoes, mushroom and onion jam. This was so very yum! I ordered fried eggs which were cooked perfectly with a yummy drizzly yolk, the onion jam was the perfect accompaniment and the sausage was packed with flavour. The only let down was the over cooking of the bacon, it was charred and basically burnt. 

We only wish that they would give their menu a shake up or at least feature some brunch specials as the buzz of newness has now worn off, for them to keep up with Melbourne’s brunch scene they cannot be complacent. 
Besides that, you will get an excellent brunch experience when you visit Captain Grey. Give it a go, you won’t be sorry!!

Watch this space for a midweek review brunchers, something to whet your appetite for the weekend ahead. 
C & J


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