Sir Duke, Moonee Ponds 

Sir Duke at a glance
Service 4

Atmosphere 4.5

Coffee 5

Menu 5

Food 4.5

Overall 4.6 🥑🥑🥑🥑
Finally! We were walking down Puckle street Thursday night and from a far I could see tables and chairs and a bustle of people out the front of 99 Puckle street. Lemon soul, a large cafe used to stand on this spot closed a fair while ago. Then the signing went up, “Opening early 2017, Sir Duke” needless to say we were pretty excited. Months of stalking on Facebook, their website and walking past their prime location in Puckle and finally on Thursday, they opened. We rearranged our brunch plans so we could attend on opening weekend. 
Walking in to this large space they had transformed the interior into a modern, bright and airy cafe. With plenty of white with pink accents, their strong branding was clearly apparent. 

As we waited for our friends (and guest reviewers) to arrive we perused the menu and was pleasantly surprised. They definitely had your standard fare with smashed avocado, eggs on toast (with a range of extras), granola and eggs benedict. They had a sandwich and lunch menu and they also serve dinner so some heavier meals for later on. They had a complete list of drinks with some funky sounding cocktails, yummy juices and interesting shakes. The menu definitely had some stand out items, and we want to try quite a number of them. 
I was definitely torn between savoury and sweet. I thought I wanted something fresh and clean and the breakfast salad definitely had freshness with broccolini, kale, spinach, avocado, black beans, cherry tomatoes, nuts and poached eggs this sounded like a green machine of brunches. But the hot cake sounded like a dreamy cloud on a plate which is what I chose. A fluffy hot cake with strawberries, poached pears, whipped ricotta, drizzled maple, crushed honeycomb, seeds, nuts and Persian fairy floss. The hot cake was humongous, one large hot cake that took up the entire plate. The outsides were a little crisp, just as they should be and it was definitely fluffy. The toppings were all delicious. The only down sides to this meal was the middle was a little undercooked and eggy and you definitely need extra syrup to soak into that huge hot cake. 

Chris and one of our guest reviewers both had the benny boy, Sir Dukes take on eggs benedict. Served atop a house made potato hash was slow cooked pulled pork, poached eggs and hollandaise. Chris needed a bit of freshness so he ordered avocado on the side and our friend wanted some mushies and avocado. The eggs were perfectly cooked, the pork was moist, full of flavour and melted in the mouth and avocado definitely cut through the richness and added some freshness! The potato hash was a good twist but could have had more oomph. The mushies were a hit, bursting with flavour and juiciness!

Our second guest reviewer, ordered the morning meat tray, a take on a big breakfast with an emphasis on, yep you guessed it, meat! Fried eggs, bacon, cheese kransky, pulled pork (so much meat!) potato hash and tomato relish served on toast with a side of avocado (can you tell we all like avocado?) Everything was delicious and he really couldn’t fault the meal. It was served beautifully and everything was cooked to perfection. 

The coffee was just strong enough, full flavoured and delicious. They went a little much with the froth on my latte, but I didn’t mind and it didn’t affect the taste. We had a few mishaps with service with coffee not coming (or the wrong ones coming), but overall they were very apologetic for any errors and are only just learning the ropes so we were happy to forgive these small mistakes (side note-many places seem unwilling to apologise or remove things from the bill when they have made their guests wait, brought the wrong items or forgotten things, a small gesture where a server acknowledges an error and compensates for it can make the difference between a returning customer and someone who will never return and spread bad word of mouth). 

The atmosphere was a wonderful blend of multiple conversations, coffee machine noises, kitchen noises and dings from bells. The music was barely heard and needed to be a little louder to help contribute to a faultless atmosphere. 
Needless to say we thoroughly enjoyed our first visit to Sir Duke. We are looking forward to trying it for a Thursday night for discounted cocktails and sumptuous food and definitely a return Saturday visit for brunch. Give this new place a try brunchers, it will be a enjoyable and yummy visit. 
Until next weekend, enjoy your brunch, coffee and friends. 
C, J, M & K


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