Abacus, South Yarra

Abacus at a glance

Service 5

Atmosphere 5

Coffee 5

Menu 5

Food 5

Overall 5 🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑 – perfect score

It’s a beautiful sunny Sunday Melbourne morning. We drive to the gorgeous suburb of South Yarra with the glorious huge houses and pretty streets full of greenery. We walk up to Abacus and notice immediately that it’s huge with open windows and outdoor seating. Plenty of greenery inside reflects the open windowed seating letting the warm days breeze flow through the entire restaurant.

The service was attentive, checking if we wanted coffees while we waited for our friend and checking in with us at appropriate times. There was a little awkwardness when we had our food bought out but it ended with free food so there was no problem there.

The coffee was perfect. Strong, beautiful flavour and almost a creamy taste to it. In terms of drinks I had a fresh ruby grapefruit juice which was sour but deliciously so, and Chris had a chai tea which was spicy, full of flavour and he got two and a halfservings from the one pot which is always a plus.

The menu was interesting, some of the usual suspects, eggs with a range of extras, Bircher oats, chilli scramble and mushrooms on toast. They then have some unique dishes like the cape clear rashers the avocado and pumpkin and their take on corn flakes. We all gravitated towards different things.

Chris decided to build his own after seeing some scrambled eggs go to another table. He had scrambled eggs on toast with avocado, rasher (bacon) and speck croquettes. They were the best croquettes we had ever tasted with a gooey centre, crisp outer and strong bacony flavour from the speck. The sides were also incredibly generous ending up with a very satisfied Chris.

Upon walking in I saw a dish that appeared to have pork crackle on it so I was pretty much already sold (pork crackle is one of my most favourite things to eat). Reading the menu I discovered it was the Cape Clear Rashers, thick cut bacon rashers, pigs cheek, crackling, blonde sausage, chutney, egg and wood fired sourdough and I added a side of heirloom tomatoes. The thick bacon is how I always want to eat bacon. The pigs cheek was a delicious sausage. The blonde sausage was meaty, thick and dense, served cold this was a lovely accompaniment. The chutney was a pear chutney that added beautiful freshness to the entire meal. And of course the crackle was perfect, hard, salty and delicious.

One of our friends ordered the avocado and pumpkin, served with black bean, charred corn and tomato salsa, goats feta, avocado, pumpkin croquettes and egg with a side of mushrooms. She said this was delicious, it looked beautiful, the mushies were varied and looked so succulent and I definitely want to try this when next we visit.

Our other friend chose the chilli folded eggs, eggs scrambled, seaweed, chilli oil, mozzarella, olive dust, dill tops and charcoal sourdough with a side of avocado. I don’t think anything else could describe this other than his words “It’s like I’ve died and have been reborn again”

Needless to say, at Brunch this Weekend, we have yet to give a perfect score anywhere. This place takes the top spot of all the other brunching places we’ve visited in Melbourne. If you try anywhere for brunch this weekend you won’t regret choosing this unpretentious, modern, warm and clever restaurant this coming weekend. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

K, M, C & J


Common Galaxia, Seddon

Common Galaxia at a glance

Service 3.5

Atmosphere 5

Coffee 4

Menu 4

Food 4.5

Overall 4.2 🥑🥑🥑🥑

Sunday dawned sunny, with a touch of wind and that almost warm feeling that characterises early Spring. The perfect day to be enjoying a delicious brunch. We had to head to the West Side anyway so decided to drop in a favourite haunt of ours. We had a special guest we had to drop off-Spider-Man.

Even though we were told it might be a bit of a wait in no tine we were sitting down and having our coffee orders taken. The coffee was really strong and beautifully presented but I’ve definitely had a better coffee.

We experienced what could only be described as a faultless atmosphere, good tunes, a hum of chatter and the sounds of the coffee machine.

Reading through the menu I settled on what I think is the best smashed avocado I’ve ever had (short of Chris’ delicious home made version). A delightfully strange yet yummy avocado with ruby grapefruit, marinated goats cheese, basil, soy almonds, red onion and radishes. There was some orange segments as well and I added a poached egg and chorizo (as avocado loves chorizo). The grapefruit sounds strange but works so wonderfully with the avocado and soy almonds. The only thing that let it down was slightly tough toast.

Chris decided to build his own from their standard eggs on toast. He ordered scrambled eggs on toast with avocado, bacon and chorizo. Eggs were cooked really well, the chorizo packed a lunch with paprika and the avocado tasted nice and fresh. All the makings of a yummy breaky.

The only downside to our brunch this fine Sunday morning was the food did take quite a while to come out. It was a busy Sunday brunch so it is forgivable but it was quite difficult when we were so hungry. While we waited we decided to order some more drinks. Chris got an earl grey tea because he is an old man and I ordered the Miss Floss a Mr X hot chocolate with a side of pink. What was the side of pink? I soon found it was fairy floss you pour the hot chocolate over. It created a slight strawberry flavour which was creamy and delicious!

So if you find yourself on the West Side this weekend, don’t pass up Common Galaxia, for a great brunch hang out with delicious food and drink.

Hope you all survived your Mondays! Until next time

C & J

Jack & Daisy, Pascoe Vale

Jack & Daisy at a glance

Service 4.5
Atmosphere 5
Coffee 4
Menu 4.5
Food 4
Overall 4.4 🥑🥑🥑🥑

Thanks to one of our followers, we decided to give Jack & Daisy a try on a sunny Sunday morning. As we entered we were greeted with a friendly welcome and given a pick of our seats. The interior was welcoming and warm, with an array of options, including a large courtyard, and the place is definitely kid friendly!

Nothing is sweeter on a Sunday morning than being given menus with a prompt question of “would you like to order some coffees?” Which of course, who could say no to that? The service throughout the rest of our experience was consistently friendly and courteous.

The first round of coffees definitely hit the spot in deliciousness with the right amount of kick to get us started. Chris ordered a second coffee which unfortunately fell a little short of the first.

The menu has some interesting picks from the delicious sounding benedict to the indecisive persons dream of the “the indecisive brunch date” which features an acai bircher, dippy egg, avocado, toast, haloumi and crossiant. I felt the menu was lacking a bit of variety but overall had some delicious sounding dishes.

I love a good smashed avocado so I gravitated towards the avocado and herbed mushroom bruschetta served with feta, balsamic reduction, poached egg on toasted multigrain (with the option to add bacon-why wouldn't you). I loved the mushies, the bacon was perfectly cooked, and the avocado and feta were so yummy. The only downsides to this dish was the toast wasn't that toasted and the poached egg was a little under cooked but otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed this dish.

Chris saw the brunch special and barely glanced at the menu, Canadian ricotta hotcakes with walnut praline, whipped maple butter & cinnamon maple whiskey sauce. Although not the largest meal, it had the right amount of sweetness to it, the praline added that yummy crunch and the hotcakes were light and fluffy. The butter was a bit too hard and didn't melt all that much but this was still an incredibly yummy meal.

This place has such a relaxed, cool vibe to it and this translated to the atmosphere. It wasn't too noisy, sounds of happy chatting people (like our follower who recommended the place and me!) and the sounds of the coffee machine. Towards the end of the meal we enjoyed some sweet treats which included an incredibly flavourful cherry ripe shake, bursting with flavour. Chris enjoyed a yummy cinnamon scroll, with lots of cinnamon flavour and perfect with a bit of heat

From one Heyfield boy to another, Eugene and the crew at Jack & Daisy have done very well and we can't wait to return.

We hope this review helps to get you over your Monday blues and give you a ray of light to look forward to this weekend.

C & J

The Stables of Como, South Yarra

The Stables of Como at a Glance

Service 4
Atmosphere 4.5
Coffee 5
Menu 4.5
Food 4.5
Overall 4.5 🥑🥑🥑🥑

It was a beautiful, sunny yet brisk Saturday morning as we arrived at Stables. As we walked up the driveway it kind of felt like we were trespassing on private property but as we arrived in the courtyard that disappeared as we admired the beautiful surroundings.

Whilst waiting for our friends to arrive, we perused the menu. Although not huge, this menu was very reminiscent of a proper New York brunch experience. Featuring boozy brunch essentials of Bloody Mary, mimosa, and Pimms, to name a few, along with non-alcoholic options like milkshakes and juice, an entire page was dedicated to drinks. On the flip side there were small options, a build your own egg option, brunch and lunch dishes.

I was immediately drawn to the slow baked eggs on the menu, and when I saw it go to someone else's table, I was sold. Served with Forrest mushrooms, buttered leeks, brie and pangrattato with the option to add prosciutto, (which I did). Oh the cheese, the melty, gooey, stringy and altogether moreish cheese. The eggs oozed, the mushrooms helped to balance the cheese as they were so earthy and the breadcrumbs on top were perfect. I would eat this again in a heartbeat.

Chris ordered the French toast special served with maple mascarpone, fresh strawberries and of course he added bacon. Although small, this was quite rich and the homemade brioche was amazing, light yet still had density from the soaking of egg. There could have been more mascarpone but the bacon was perfect and he enjoyed the freshness of the strawberries 🍓

Our friends both ordered The Gardeners Breakfast, poached eggs, bacon, avocado, roast tomato and mushrooms on toast (although one omitted the tomatos). This big breaky style was filling and delicious, although one wanted crispier bacon, it was still enjoyable. This dish could easily be the "Old Faithful" as you really can't go wrong with this choice.

The atmosphere was really calm and it felt almost like we were visiting some posh relatives in their beautiful Hamptons Cafe. The service was really friendly and personable with only two small slips getting the wrong drink and one coffee going walk about but otherwise we were very happy with our experience.

The coffee was the perfect kick up the bum I need in the morning to get me started, smooth yet strong and beautifully presented, we couldn't fault their delicious coffee.

We both also ordered a juice and a milkshake. I really felt like a smoothie and ordered the closest thing to it I could find the ticked pink. This sounded great on paper but the only flavour I tasted was not very sweet watermelon. Chris had a vanilla bean milkshake, again gorgeously presented and had that real vanilla flavour rather than just your run of the mill syrup.

We didn't know too much about the place before attending The Stables of Como, but we know after spending a couple of pleasurable hours in this establishment that we will definitely be returning. A really gorgeous restaurant with delicious food and coffee-what more can you want? Drop your plans for Sunday and try this place!!

Until our next adventure in brunch

C, J, K & M

District North, Moonee Ponds

District North, at a glance

Service 4.5
Atmosphere 4.5
Coffee 4.5
Menu 5
Food 4.5
Overall: 4.6 🥑🥑🥑🥑

I think we would be classed as usuals at District North in Moonee ponds.

District North is one of those places that you don't even have to think twice about going to. Like one of those 'I'm hungover and cannot be bothered using my brain right now so we'll just go to the district' kind of place.

Moonee Ponds is still growing as a go-to suburb for brunch on weekends and District North is a major player in the north western brunch scene with some hints of the east and inner north coming over to Mount Alexander Road.

Having lived in the area for 7 years we became familiar with most of the local brunching spots in and around Puckle street. District North is a bit of an anomaly as it's not on the heavily foot traffic corridor of Puckle street but can be found in the busy (for cars, trams and nighttime haunts) Mount Alexander Road.

The coffee here is rarely of poor quality. If you order a strong coffee it doesn't taste bitter or burnt, it tastes of delicious strong coffee. In addition to their coffee they have a yummy range of juices and their shakes (which feature their delicious donuts).

They even have drink specials like the cocoa mint latte that both Chris and I ordered. This was like a very indulgent mint hot chocolate with a lovely creamy freshness.

The menu is a mixture of sweet, savoury and lunch options. For brunch you have the staples of any great brunch menu, toast with condiments, granola, a big breakfast and eggs on toast with an amazing selection of sides to build your own. They have launched their winter menu recently which has some delicious sounding new dishes as well as past specials that were obviously a hit.

They also have some items that are quite unique like the "breakfast in bed" a board which featured a fresh OJ, falafel scotch eggs ( which were suitably oozy), beetroot hummus, feta, berry coconut chia puddings and zatar toast. This was a lovely combo of savoury and sweet and also featured fresh fruit which helped lighten the meal.

The Szechuan French toast started as a delicious special and has now landed on the menu. Although slightly different on the menu now, when we had it it was Served on one large piece of brioche bread with lemon labne, strawberry custard spring roll, berries, Szechuan snaps and cream. Although it was meant to be spiced I think it was a little subtle and didn't get that peppery kick I wanted. That was the only let down. District North understand texture. The Szechuan snaps were reminiscent of brandy snaps and add fun and crunch, the French toast was perfectly cooked and oozed with the lemon labne and the berries were the perfect pops of freshness. But the spring roll was probably the stand out. Crunchy and custard together. Just yum!!!

On our latest visit myself and a friend both ordered their updated benedict, the pulled pork benedict. Served on fluffy Dr Marty’s crumpets was delicious slow cooked pulled pork shoulder, pickled kohlrabi, poached eggs and bernaise sauce. Thinking this would be small I ordered the mac n cheese slappers to beef it up a bit. This definitely wasn't small! It was so full of flavour, perfectly cooked eggs and the slappers were a wonderful spiced fried hit to go with it (I shared them as I couldn't hog all that yumminess)

Chris ordered one of their quirky sounding specials, Donut Sliders, caramel bacon, popping candy, wagyu beef, American cheese served with a mini peanut butter shake. The serve could have been larger and the donut bun was almost a bit stale. The glaze all over it was gooey and sticky and made it impossible to eat like a burger. The filling was all very yummy but quite rich. The shake was delicious however it was really sweet so a full serve would be hard to drink without sharing.

Whenever we come to district north we are always greeted by the two cheerful owners. No matter how busy it is they always have time for a chat and definitely make us feel like regulars in their busy establishment. During peak brunch times there is always a line out the door. Despite the restaurant often being packed to the rafters the atmosphere is still enjoyable and I don't feel stressed by the craziness around me, however it can get a touch loud. It has a modern feel, it's very bright with fun touches like the large projection screen that displays the specials, the chalkboard for kids and selfie sticks to take photos of the yummy food.

All the crew from the talented barista to the inspired chefs to the friendly owners and the cheerful wait staff, they all know what they're doing and make you feel welcomed. We've attended District North singularly, as a couple, with friends and even had a function there and each time the service has been exemplary.

If we feel like eating familiar, delicious food without the fuss, and don't want to travel too far you will definitely find us at District North.

Until next weekend brunchers

C & J

Ascot Food Store, Moonee Ponds

Ascot Store, Moonee Ponds at a glance

Service 1.5
Coffee 3
Menu 4.5
Food 3.5
(Atmosphere wasn't judged as we sat outside)

Overall: 3.2 🥑🥑🥑

Please note: we have had many enjoyable and top notch experiences at Ascot Store in the past. We were expecting them to rate at about 4 and above. We put this particular experience down as an anomaly that wouldn't usually occur. Unfortunately we don't rate on past experiences but on the brunch of the here and now, hence the lower score.

Sunday dawned bright and clear after the crazy winters windy weather of Saturday and we thought a visit to an old favourite might be a great idea. Although still really fresh and a little cool, we decided to sit outside to enjoy the beautiful warm sun.

After a bit of a wait we perused their menu. We are quite familiar with their menu but we're delighted to see an update since the last visit. Their menu is very hip, in trend and creative. They have an all day style menu with both brunch, lunch and sweet options.

Having seen it on Facebook recently I decided on the French toast, brioche, berry textures, fresh berries, creme fraiche and pedro xiemenz. There were generous topping with almost not enough French toast. The fairy floss wasn't on the menu but was fluffy and yum. It needed more syrup and more bread but otherwise was delicious!

Chris had been hankering a taste of New York since he’d seen it on their Facebook page, fried chicken and waffles!! AFC- Ascot fried chicken and waffles, spicy chicken wings, buttermilk waffles with maple and blueberry butter and bacon powder. Boy, were these some spicy wings, which to be honest, didn't really seem to go well with the delicious waffles and sweet buttery blueberry butter. It didn't quite live up to the fried chicken and waffles from New York but was still tasty.

If it was just me scoring the coffee I would have given it a zero. I couldn't drink it, it was very bitter and tasted really foul. I was really craving a good coffee and unfortunately was let down. Chris rated his a lot better than mine and we averaged out the score.

This is where we have to face the hard reality of our service throughout our meal. We waited a while just to get a table. We ordered coffees pretty much straight away. And then waited. And waited. Got our food and had finished it. Still waiting for coffees. We pretty much decided to leave if they didn't come. Finally they came with a “sorry for the wait” and mine was undrinkable. I hate complaining to a place when we go anywhere, but I had to say something when I paid. Luckily they took the drinks off which scores them a little better but it wasn't the usual friendly service we were used to at Ascot Store and we walked away pretty disappointed.

As I said at the start of the review, I hope this is an anomaly and not the trend. We've enjoyed countless great meals here and hope to enjoy more.

Happy Friday brunchers and I hope your brunching this weekend is fun and delicious

C & J

The Winey Cow, Mornington

At a glance

Coffee: 5🥑 Menu: 4🥑 Service: 4🥑  Atmosphere: 4.5🥑 Food: 3.5🥑

Score: 4.2🥑

Brunch This Weekend headed out of Melbourne this weekend to celebrate the engagement of 2 of our closest friends. 

This gave us a combination of a blank canvas along with many choices of brunch in Mornington alone. This day, a very cold and windy Saturday, I picked the Winey Cow (thanks to a recommendation of a friend)

I could tell this place was a hit as soon as I stepped inside, it was packed! The very friendly waitress greeted me like a local and advised that there would a slight wait or I could sit outside with a blanket (very nice offer but I would have needed more than a blanket).

After a very short wait I got seated, and with one of my favourite questions “would you like a coffee to start?” I was instantly happy with the Winey Cow. 

As soon as my menu was handed to me, my eyes were drawn to the 12 hour slow cooked beef brisket served with a fried egg, onion purée and a Yorkshire pudding – very apt for the kind of day it was. Although the Brisket wasn’t as tender as I imagined it was still rich and full of taste, the fried egg was cooked perfectly and the pudding was a nice touch. My only other criticism is that it could have been a bit bigger and my personal preference is poached eggs but that’s splitting hairs. 

As I was still a bit peckish, I had my eye on the coffee and walnut muffin – this would be great with my second latte. Moments later my muffin was in front of me. One thing was missing, my second coffee 🙁 

Although it would have been a match made in heaven, it’s not the end of the world. 

I cannot wait to head back to The Winey Cow, there’s a lot to try. 

Happy brunching my brunch lads and lasses.

Until next time,


Sir Charles, Fitzroy

Sir Charles at a Glance

Service 3.5

Atmosphere 4.5

Coffee 4.5

Menu 4.5

Food 5

Overall 4.4 🥑🥑🥑🥑
Our second visit to this thoroughly modern large Johnstone St eatery, we were looking forward to some good food and coffee with even better company(with our two guest reviewers). A large space filled with murals, greenery and lots of people, this was clearly an excellent Sunday choice for a brunch hang out. 
Once we arrived we waited a while but no one gave us menus and we ended up having to ask for them, which was a disappointing start to our brunch. We then all got our coffees at different times and they seemed to forget one too and we had to ask for it again. 
The coffee was worth the wait though. It was the perfect temperature and so delicious I drank it all in one go!

The menu is quite delightful with an Asian theme, there’s all your usual suspects including 3 styles of benedict (bacon, salmon or vegetarian), eggs on toast with a range of extras and some yummy lunch options to boot. 
We all perused the menu and there were definite standouts. Both Chris and one of our guest reviewers ordered the Sir Charles Benedict with Chris ordering a side of pork belly. Panko crumbed eggs, sriracha hollandaise, bacon and fresh chilli served on roti bread. This is absolutely indulgent, delicious and scrumptious. The right amount of heat, bacon superb, the roti was a great accompaniment with the perfectly cooked eggs that were wonderfully crunchy on the outside. This is the clear winner of Sir Charles’ “Old Faithful”

Our other guest reviewer ordered one of the lunch items, the Pork Burger, pulled pork & mozzraella croquette with pickled apple & fennel, apple cider mayo, BBQ sauce and fresh slaw with bacon and with a side of kimchi fries. This was an absolute mammoth burger-the fries were barely touched as the burger was deliciously huge!

I ordered the Me So Hungry! Miso scrambled eggs, smoked eggplant labneh, crispy shallots, chilli oil, coral paprika tuille on toasted sourdough with a side of BBQ pork. This was another huge meal! The eggs were so flavourful and not too rich, the labneh was incredibly smoky and creamy and the delicate coral tuille was beautiful. I loved the pork but if I ordered this again I would get some veggies instead just to cut through the richness of all the deliciousness on the plate. 

The atmosphere was definitely fun but we wouldn’t rate it as the perfect atmosphere. But not by much! We thoroughly enjoyed our second visit and we know it won’t be our last. There are some delicious items on the menu that we still want to try. If you are planning your weekend already midweek then we definitely suggest you give Sir Charles a try. Until next weekend brunchers! 

C, J, K & A 

Captain Grey, Essendon

Captain Grey at a glance
Service 4

Atmosphere 5

Coffee 4.5

Menu 3.5

Food 4.5

Overall 4.3 🥑🥑🥑🥑
Captain Grey has been a regular brunch and coffee spot of ours since it opened last year. It’s common for Chris to walk down there for a coffee early morning on the weekend whilst I’m still catching zzz’s. So it was about time we did a review. 

With its mint walls, modern interior and large outdoor eating area, on an ideal corner locale, it’s rare for this place to be quiet. We cannot fault the atmosphere with the perfect sounds accompanying the delicious coffee as we wait for our food. Music playing, coffee machine sounds and a not-too-loud buzz of conversation. Chris wouldn’t walk here most weekends if the coffee wasn’t good. The perfect kick start to the day. 

Service was professional but could have used a bit of warmth. Big points go to them for offering the second coffee-it’s as if they read Chris’ mind, bringing him a second latte. 
The menu hasn’t really changed since they’ve opened but they do have a good mix of items we love to see. Their “old faithful” hands down is the Dukkha Poached Eggs and Chris’ choice for brunch, with sujuk sausage, haloumi, olives, labne, beetroot hummus and pita bread. Everything works in harmony with the smokiness of the sausage, creaminess of the labne and hummus and the dense yet soft pita bread. You won’t walk away hungry from this one and will definitely feel satisfied. 

I decided I was ravenously hungry and ordered The Captain, which is their take on a big breaky. Eggs your way on sourdough served with bacon, pork & fennel sausage, roasted cherry tomatoes, mushroom and onion jam. This was so very yum! I ordered fried eggs which were cooked perfectly with a yummy drizzly yolk, the onion jam was the perfect accompaniment and the sausage was packed with flavour. The only let down was the over cooking of the bacon, it was charred and basically burnt. 

We only wish that they would give their menu a shake up or at least feature some brunch specials as the buzz of newness has now worn off, for them to keep up with Melbourne’s brunch scene they cannot be complacent. 
Besides that, you will get an excellent brunch experience when you visit Captain Grey. Give it a go, you won’t be sorry!!

Watch this space for a midweek review brunchers, something to whet your appetite for the weekend ahead. 
C & J

Northern Perk, Brunswick

Northern Perk at a Glance
Service 4.5

Atmosphere 4

Coffee 4

Menu 3.5

Food 4

Overall 4 🥑🥑🥑🥑
Being a huge friends fan, as soon as I saw the sign for this place, I was sold-I had to try this place out. Being drawn in by a sign, we were surprised by the exterior, as it could be any other cafe on Sydney road. The interior told a different story, a mix of styles both eclectic and market stall, plenty of options including a large courtyard with the awesome sign. 

 This Middle Eastern themed cafe had an interesting menu with many of the usual suspects with a range of extras to choose from. One vital piece of the brunch puzzle was missing in an eggs benedict. It wasn’t until after we ordered that we notice the Northern Perk Tower. No description on the menu, and I admit I assumed it would be a burger. I was so wrong, this is the epitome of brunch when you don’t know whether it’s sweet or savoury that you feel like-a collection of delicious savoury on the bottom and sweet on the top, made to be shared. Without even trying it I would be confident in saying this would be their “Old Faithful”
The service was a little slow but they were incredibly friendly. They also had that awesome option where you can buy coffees for people who can’t afford them, which ticked our good deed off for the day. 

Chris ordered the Veggie Board, eggs your way, avocado, haloumi, labne, roasted veggies, mushrooms and grilled tomato on toasted sour dough. The lack of meat was well compensated by the roasted veggies (potato, carrot and capsicum), the perfect accompaniment to a breakfast for a cold winters morning. It was complimented by the best labne either of us have ever tasted as well. 

I ordered the Brioche French Toast, white chocolate, berries, mango and fairy floss. The French toast was delicious and very generous with the toppings. It would have been made perfect if it was a little less sweet and had some syrup to soak into those delicious pieces of French toast!

The coffee could have been hotter but the flavour was pretty darn good. Chris also ordered a hot chocolate which was absolutely delicious and tummy warming on such a cold day. 

The atmosphere was pretty chilled, the place got busier the longer we were there but was missing the bustle and zing we love in the perfect atmosphere. 
We both want to return to this quirky cafe in Brunswick to try their amazing tower, their scrumptious sounding burgers and their hip freak shakes. Give this place a go for something a little bit different. Happy 1st of July, here’s to another month of brunching!
C & J